All clothing is 100%
recyclable but consumers
only recycle 15%

Elevated Layers is a garment rotation initiative that provides content creators with conscious luxury labels.

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Membership Benefits

Elevated Layers​ is an annual membership that allows content creators to rotate designer fashion as tools to grow their personal brand. All members gain full access to brand galleries, check out four items at a time(up to 30 days), with unlimited rotation. Our service is dedicating value to achieve goals based on the application process.

We support all creative fields and through collaborative partnerships; members are privileged to one-of-a-kind garments exclusively for Elevated Layers. EL members can build visual professionalism by socially tagging designer brands as a means to increase paid affiliates while eliminating clutter and wasteful retail costs--encouraging conscious fashion decisions.

  • Plan out content according to busy schedules.
  • Consistently create stunning looks to keep your audiences happy.
  • Prevent fast fashion purchases, avoid the hassle for returns.
  • Tag desirable brands that raise your value.
  • Negotiate partnerships through visual + professional feed.
  • Gain engagement with confidence and exposure in posts.
  • Rotate designer pieces while cutting cost and clutter.
  • Build relationships with brands you trust.
  • Invest small elements to focus on passion for growth.
  • Weekly advice, tips, events and webinars with like minded creators.

Rotation Initiative

Elevated Layers chooses a community that believes in contributing less to the global textile waste epidemic. Our partners align with values that help influence a message to connect conscious labels with young audiences in a digital era. We provide an ethical solution to decrease cost and promote brand sustainability without compromising identity.

Please join this movement by making small changes with large impact and utilizing existing resources for a better environment.