A conscious way to elevate social content while cutting waste. #TagBetterBrands
A conscious garment initiative to elevate social content while cutting waste. #TagBetterBrands

How rotation works

We are an exclusive membership service providing access to fully curated wardrobe options featuring the most desired brands.

Our garment rotation initiative provides our creators with unlimited rotations, including leading designer labels. Every rotation is ethically packaged and curated based on each members' Elevated Layers Style Profile.

Elevated Layers Rotation Model




Each membership allows access to luxury pieces curated for you by adding valuable tags to posts. We screen based on content creativity, while building a community that believes clothing is a tool that benefits a visual culture to inspire social impact.

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Conscious Style

The global fashion industry is the 2nd largest contributor to landfill waste. Luxury fashion alone generates 4% of the world’s waste each year, 92 million tons. What’s worse, Designers burn unsold stock to prevent discount pricing. In 2018, $37M worth of unsold stock went up in flames from ONE brand.

Our Rotation Model bridges the gap between sustainability and luxury by offering curated inventory from previous designer collections. With Elevated Layers, members are given a conscious fashion alternative to create valuable content.

We’re proud to introduce a platform that promotes a garment rotation initiative.

Become part of what impacts social change.


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You deserve better than fast fashion, sister.

Most creators spend $90-$140 weekly on low-quality fashion and don’t understand why they’re not getting traction on social media. We’re here to help you make a conscious change while saving on wasteful cost.

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