A conscious way to elevate social content while cutting waste #TagBetterBrands
A conscious way to elevate social content while cutting waste #TagBetterBrands

How we work

Elevated Layers is a garment rotation initiative that provides creators with access to designer labels. Every rotation is sustainably packaged with 4 unique pieces per month, curated for you to promote quality content you love.

Our service is dedicating value to achieve goals based on the application process.

Membership Benefits

  • Rotate 4 designer pieces each month
  • Plan styled content to accommodate busy schedules
  • Tag quality brands that elevate your value
  • Empower social engagement confidently
  • Avoid fast fashion costs + waste, while making conscious change
  • Invest in tools that focus on your passion + growth
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We choose a community that believes in using fashion as a tool to benefit visual culture all while encouraging members to inspire change.

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You deserve better than fast fashion, sister.

Most creators spend $90-$140 weekly on low-quality styles for social media. Our mission is to help you save on wasteful cost and make conscious change, so that is not you!

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What she's saying

"Elevated Layers styling helped me feel so comfortable in my own skin! They really allowed me to play around with different pieces, and see what styles I felt comfortable in, without spending tons of money! Also, rotating clothes makes me feel like I’m really impacting the environment in a good way, which is always a plus!"

- Hayden M. NYC Blogger

"For me, dressing up for the daily grind or a special occasion has always been a form of self-love. What I wear empowers me to show up with passion and commitment every, single day and working with Elevated Layers made those personality traits really come alive."

- Cat H. - Venture Partner

"As long as you stay authentic, your style can impart confidence, which impacts your posture and the way you carry yourself. Elevated Layers took the worry out of what to choose for a recent speaking engagement. They understood my style immediately, and found 4 rotations I could use that were perfect! Highly recommend!"

- Robin F. - Public Speaker

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