How it Works:

How do you select the content creators that you work with?
All creators must go through an application process, which is established to ensure we build community of creators with aligned values. All approved members are screened based on the quality of their content and engagement, not numbers.

What do I get in my membership?
Upon approval, members will fill out a Style Profile to understand style needs to achieve content goals. We ask for proper sizing, color preference, types of pieces as well as favorite brands. Our team then curates a shipment of 4 rotated pieces each month, where members can rotate as often as needed within each 30 day period for a duration of 12 months.

Is shipping and returning free?

Yes, all standard shipping and premium return costs are included in membership.

What is the retail value of the clothing I get each month?

We carry an array of high street wear and luxury designer pieces to utilize as tools for adding value to content. The estimated retail costs for 4 pieces can be anywhere from $1,250-$3,000. With temporary access, members cost is less than 10% of this value.

What are some of the brands you carry?

Elevated Layers hand selects each piece from desirable designers like Alexander Wang, Acne Studios, Helmut Lang, Stella McCartney, Maje and 20+ others. We focus on partnerships who wish to add an ethical identity within their brand by connecting creators through clothing to promote change. Designers will also have the benefit of sharing exclusive content and adapting new ways to cut cost and prevent over production waste.

Rotation Model Initiative:

What is the Rotation Model?
The Rotation Model bridges the gap between sustainability and luxury. Our initiative takes resourced inventory from previous designer collections and provides access for creators to cut their costs on social marketing. Ethically increasing brand visibility sets the example of taking conscious steps to eliminate overproduction and all aspects of waste, with positive engagement from those who share that value.

What is your mission?
EL is committed to connecting its members with outside contributors. Our sole purpose is to make use of existing resources —donated by high-end designers— in order to take conscious steps towards cutting down consumer waste.

How is Elevated Layers an ethical and sustainable company?
We provide a platform for luxury designers to off-load existing resources that are made exclusively available to consumers as a means to make conscious steps to cutting down textile waste.

How does Elevated Layers support more sustainable choices in the fashion industry?
In an era of monetizing personal content, fast fashion is a seemingly easy choice for producing content that prioritizes quantity over quality. With fast consumption readily available, creators often miss the mark and don’t initially see clothing for the investment potential it has for their content and to help them reach their career goals. In this way, EL provides access to garments that can be utilized as tools to add value for personal brands.

Do you work with only sustainable/ethical brands?
Elevated Layers partners with designers who wish to add an ethical side to their brand identity in efforts to combat textile waste. With their resources, we offer a sustainable alternative that empowers designers to re-claim original styles that have been copied by fast fashion, without producing more textile waste.