Elevated Layers: A Creator’s Secret To Great Content

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How Do I Create Better Content?
A lifestyle influencer needs to be at the forefront of, well, life. Meaning, people follow them because they are preaching something attractive. A beauty blogger needs to know all aspects of skincare, makeup and hair care. A travel blogger needs to be somewhere new in order to take the best photos that represent their “expertise”. Even more is expected from the coveted fashion blogger. They must wear the best looks in order to engage their audience. This presents a catch-22 for the aspiring or burgeoning style influencer: the constant need for new items without the desired following to receive products from brands or the fiscal means to purchase them.

A common workaround that these creators take advantage of is consistency. Most go the easiest route to create content on a budget. This results in the immense popularity of fast fashion; the prices are low and the returns are easy. This approach is wasteful, and results in low-quality content that prevents you from attracting value from brands. In order to garner attention to your personal brand, you must add value, which means tagging luxury brands. Moreover, cheap investments equal dealing with hassles of time, consuming travel, returns, one-time use, or worse, accumulating debt. These obstacles when combined with your busy life, can push your goals further out of reach.

This leads many people to the question: how do I create better content?

The Rotation Model
The answer: rotation. Elevated Layers was founded on the principle that the best way to elevate your content is by rotating fashion for when you need it. Utilizing designer clothing is essential to every creator who wants to produce high quality content, that will raise value to yourself and add to others. Commitment to these high retail items can be very expensive, and buying fast fashion items on a weekly basis, just as quickly becomes very costly.

By rotating only the items you need for when you need them (think of it like checking out books at a library), you are investing every dollar efficiently into growing your individual brand. Rotation allows any type of influencer to have a reliable wave of unique, exclusive items, from labels that are typically inaccessible. Most creators spend $90-$140 per week on new styles that don’t set you apart in a saturated space (wow!).

Additionally, the convenience that Elevated Layers’ Rotation Model provides is a major plus for anyone with a work schedule. All garment selections are curated for you and shipped to your door. Time is money, and spending less time browsing in physical stores or online catalogs leaves space for your true passion: creating

Turn that side hustle into the real hustle, right?

Elevated Layers
Beyond the convenience, affordability, and exclusive access Elevated Layers provides, is our community. Successful creators working together, sharing together, flexing together. There is never been a more powerful time than now to gain access to the necessary means to obtain your future. Being part of the EL community is the best way to ensure consistent and engaging content.

EL is committed to connecting its members with outside contributors. Our sole purpose is to make use of existing resources —donated by high-end designers— in order to take conscious steps towards cutting down consumer waste.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your growth process. We can’t wait to see what you will do next.